Paris (CDG)

10 March 2023, 05:00 UTC
Edge Cloud Platform Europe Paris (CDG)
10 March 2023, 05:00 UTC

Fastly will be migrating Paris (CDG) shield customers to Paris (PAR). 

As part of this migration, customers utilizing shielding in Paris (CDG) will be migrated to Paris (PAR). Once this maintenance window closes, customers can either apply a new shield at a time of their choosing, or their shielding configuration will be updated to Paris (PAR) on their behalf after 14 days.

When this change is applied, customers may observe additional origin traffic as new cache nodes retrieve content from origin.

Action for Fastly Customers:

1. Please be sure to check that your origin access lists allow the full range of Fastly IP addresses: Failure to verify origin access lists will result in origin connection disruption.

2. Customers with any questions or concerns should contact their dedicated technical account team or Fastly's Support team at (

20 March 2023, 19:47 UTC

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.