23 March 2023, 20:00 UTC
Security Cloud WAF NGWAF@Edge
23 March 2023, 20:00 UTC
Fastly will be performing scheduled maintenance on the Fastly Next-Gen WAF, including Signal Sciences Platform, Cloud WAF, & Edge WAF. This maintenance is scheduled for Mar 23 at 1:00 pm PDT (8:00 PM UTC) to Mar 23 3:00 pm PDT (10:00 PM UTC). No customer impact is expected.

Throughout the maintenance window, status updates will be available at the Fastly status page.
23 March 2023, 22:00 UTC

The scheduled maintenance has been completed.

Security Agents and Module Console and API Data Services Dashboard Data Rule and IP List updates MOWD Rate Limiting and Alerts Requests Signals Dashboard
15 March 2023, 19:36 UTC
[closed] We have updated a new certificate with new IP ranges. Customers may see their agents appear to be offline or have trouble connecting to the control plane after a DNS change was made. We recommend they allow list the Fastly public IP range if they had IP based networks controls in place previously. Please let us know about any certificate issues as they should be transient. This may also impact Signal Sciences data collectors. New events from agents may not be processed by our back end services, agents may erroneously appear to be offline, and agents may not be receiving updated rules sets. Customers may experience also delays in data available in the Signal Sciences console. 
15 March 2023, 19:42 UTC

This issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. 

15 March 2023, 20:05 UTC

A fix has been implemented and we are monitoring the results.

15 March 2023, 20:20 UTC

This incident has been resolved.

Security NGWAF@Edge
10 March 2023, 21:48 UTC

On Monday, the 13th of March 2023, Fastly engineers identified an issue with a recent update to our NGWAF@Edge IP inspection service. From March 10 2023 at 21:48 to March 13 2023 at 04:30 UTC IP list matches were returning FALSE which would have impacted Rules using the IP List to not work.

13 March 2023, 04:30 UTC

Fastly engineers identified this issue and deployed a fix on March 13 2023 at 04:30 UTC.

This incident has been resolved.

Security Cloud WAF
28 February 2023, 17:10 UTC

[update from Customer Incident Response]

We have updated this original message from "degraded performance" to "available" and "informational" as our investigations later confirmed this status update to be a false alarm.

[original message]

We're investigating elevated errors in Cloud WAF.

All other locations and services are unaffected

28 February 2023, 17:37 UTC

Fastly engineers have confirmed after further investigation that this was a false alarm and there are currently no elevated errors on Cloud WAF services.

We apologize for any confusion this status post may have caused.